System Administration

System Administration can mean many things to many people - and in some aspects has merged with Information Technology. I've spent my carreer in Software Development environments, and I am well versed in the special requirements of software development teams.


While I have never served in a role where my primary responsibility was "system administrator", I have been intimately involved with this discipline for almost 20 years. Most of my time has been spent dealing with different flavors of Unix, but I also have experience with Windows variants (mostly 98 and NT). I am quite comfortable with most aspects of Unix administration.

Sample Project Descriptions

My client had a product which had been ported from a legacy operating system to Unix. The porting engineers, with no prior experience, had set up the UNIX environment. Each of 20 Unix systems (Sun, IBM, and HP) were completely independent, even though engineers regularly used many different machines during the course of a day. I analyzed the usage and purpose of each machine. I then implemented NIS and re-organized the data and functionality of each machine to produce a coherent environment. In doing so, I freed up enough wasted capacity that plans to purchase 5 additional machines were canceled.

General Sys Admin Work

Many times in my career, I've been the backup to a single Unix Administrator. When he or she was out (vacation, sick, overloaded, etc), I performed all of the tasks. I have also done plenty of Unix Systems programming, so my knowledge of the operating system is good. Finally, I have installed enough GNU packages to be quite familiar with the configure/make/make test/make install routine that GNU uses.