Web Development

Web Development is certainly a wide-ranging topic. It seems that anyone with Dreamweaver and a clip art gallery is calling themselves a web designer. Through my affiliation with a few small Graphic Arts firms, I have done a few commercial web sites. But mostly I provide back-end, server-side development for web-based systems.


I started to perform "web development" because the web browser was a perfect User Interface for many of the development and administrative tools that I was writing. By installing a web server on a machine, and adding a CGI interface to pre-existing UNIX tools and scripts, I had a nice, generic GUI that helped to bridge the UNIX/Windows gap. I have written many web-based tools for my development environments. I have also done a few commercial systems, and I am the founder and owner of a web-based business.

Sample Project Descriptions

My largest web development projects have been for busnesses that I own or co-own. The largest is my sole project, Webtendant.com. I also have a site that I co-founded and co-own: InformationFairway.com (link opens in a new window). My partner is a Graphic Artist, who was responsible for the presentation of the site and the marketing content. I designed and implemented all of the functionality in the site.

Enhancement needed for Unix Command Line tool

My client had an internally-developed help-desk call tracking system for use by the IT department. The system was UNIX Command Line driven. It worked well, but as the organization grew, the command line interface became cumbersome. They were also facing the prospect of supporting Windows-based clients, who would not have access to the Unix Command Line tools, or the knowledge to use them. I developed a Web interface for the system, preserving the years of accumulated data. This solved the problem of multiple-OS support. It also greatly simplified the job for the IT support staff, since they no longer needed to know the increasingly complex set of command line options.

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